E-mails from an A Hole
  A collection of e-mails a guy sent to people who post classified ads. His goal is to mess with them, confuse them, and/or make them angry.
United Way
  Envisions a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, income stability and healthy lives.
  provides diet, nutrition and fitness solutions. Use our free weight loss tips and tools, healthy recipes and fitness videos to meet your weight loss goals today!
The Blood Factory
  The Blood Factory is a walk on the wild side, offering extreme horror movies and a killer blog to die for.
Tip Wild
  Blog with useful tips like cleaning tips, money saveing tips, and pet tips
eBay Deals
  Today only deals and limited time events on
Fashion Blog
  Fashion blog that covers the fashion industry, clothing, and personal style.
Pick Names
  We offer tons unique pet names for dogs, cats and many other pets. You can browse gender or species
Designs By Humans
  Design By Humans is an ongoing t-shirt design competition and community where artists and t-shirt lovers can create, buy, and talk about art and t-shirts.
Loving the baked beans
  Once upon a time there lived a woman who had a maddening passion for baked beans. She loved them but unfortunately they had always had a very embarrassing and somewhat lively reaction to her...
Kate Upton Stare Down
  Have a staring contest with Kate Upton in a bikini
Funny cats in water
  Video on YouTube
No Strings Attached Dating
  Hotties looking for casual dates. NSA personal ads to meet hot girls online
Vladmir Putin
  Vladmir Putin visits an American Elementary to teach some American students for the day
More Quick Tips for Reducing Belly Fat
  Trying to get rid of belly fat. Here some more tips for you! Eat more potassium! Any drink high in potassium can help sweep away high cholesterol and fat..
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